Part 3

commu project

commune project



the preliminary goal for our trip to was to visit more galleries and complete research about the history of Bath, however, upon our arrival we went to only a single gallery. visiting this gallery has sufficiently aided me - especially with unit seven - as i found inspiration in the structural makeup and aesthetics of the renaissance paintings. im my opinion the context of the paintings held very little significance and the location of Bath as a whole isn't very relevant to my project, although, as i said, it did inspire creative ideas in respect to unit seven.



despite Bath’s interesting history and abundance of aesthetically pleasing locations (of which many would be great to hold shoots in), personally the most useful aspect of the trip was my group learning about each other's upbringing and separate cultures on our first night whilst at a local club. not only did this create a bond that was not already there but it also exposed us to new ways of thinking and led to more deep conversations that helped spark creative ideas. this proved to be important because for the rest of the trip we were significantly more comfortable around each other.





one of the most fascinating aspects of clubbing in Bath has to be the complete uniformity in fashion sense and hair styles (especially with the men) as they were all dressed in tight fitting jeans and shirts, loafers, and all had hair styled in almost the exact same way to each other. this was a complete juxtaposition to the diversity present in london to which i believe many of us take for granted. this made me consider the importance of location and its effect on fashion and also how this uniformity differs depending on location. i also started to think about the change in my own personal style and if any changes occured when i made the move from living in Japan to England.







the next day we considered how a level of uniformity may be present within our own personal style and in order to deconstruct this we dressed ourselves in each others clothing and experimented with identity.  it was particularly interesting to observe how a change of mannerisms occur once somebody takes on another's identity through the vice of clothing, an idea that could be explored further in unit seven.


to document this experimentation through photography, we held a shoot in one of Bath’s famous georgian squares (well tended turf surrounded by old stone buildings). the location being so typical to bath was effective as upon looking at the photos my group can instantly recognise the location and memories shared there.  not only was this an emotional exploration of identity, style and its effects but it was also a physical exploration of new places which brought a certain authenticity to the shoot.



on our last day we decided as a group to purchase items of clothing from local charity shops and experiment with our “foreign” style to create a shoot that doesn’t only have some reference to Bath, but is also a homage to our time there. i found this an especially interesting concept as it plays with how location determines personal style and we would then be able to see the contrast between how my group wear the items and how the locals use them. my group were unable to follow through with this experiment due to financial reasons as the charity shops in Bath are significantly more expensive to those in London. after this disappointing find, my group decided to visit one of the local parks. this proved to be helpful as we thoroughly discussed our time in Bath, any observations we have made, and overall reflection on our time and experimentations. after this discussion it seemed that the group had a very similar outlook.



upon reflection if i were to repeat the trip i would add an extra day to explore the mornings of Bath and any socialisation that takes place. we were unable to do this within the three days because the majority of socialization takes place at night which makes it difficult to function fully the next day due to fatigue. However, i believe that if the trip were to be repeated we would not be left with the same authenticity shown in the outcomes of this trip as a large part of that authenticity was due to the shared experience of exploring a new habitus.