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unit 7

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Patrick Waugh

Patrick Waugh is a creative director with 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. Most recently, he was Head of Creative and Content at Topshop, where he redesigned both Topshop and Topman, and previously in-house at ASOS as Head of Brand Creative, overseeing daily content creation as well as the monthly magazine, and the redevelopment of the platform.

Having previously worked in magazine publishing as the Commissioning Editor and Art Director of menswear fashion biannual Arena Homme Plus, and as Creative Director of womenswear fashion biannual POP, Patrick worked closely with directors including Doug Lloyd, M/M Paris and Neville Brody.

Patrick has worked freelance with clients including Dior, Adidas, Nike, Missoni, Jonathan Saunders, Barbour, LAAIN, Fashion East, Richard Nicholl, and magazines such as Elle, Wallpaper*, 032c and i-D Magazine. He founded BOYOstudio, publishing BOYOfanzine biannually, and is currently the Creative Practitioner at the London College of Fashion.


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my first idea was collage with 3D way.

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 Dash magazine

About DASH

DASH, the London-based illustrated magazine on fashion and fashion art

The fashion print DASH Magazine has been run since February 2012 by a passionate, well connected team and is distributed worldwide. Its focus lies in the journalistic genre of fashion reporting and illustration as an art form. DASH Magazine’s USP is the use of a surprising, artistic imagery and distinct design. We believe in the use of fashion illustration and all that remains to be done is giving it the platform it deserves. Fashion illustration is an art form in its own right and with DASH we celebrate its strong beauty and aim to give creative talents a way to showcase, and thus gain exposure, for their work.


DASH is a biannual fashion print with a new concept of visual language specialising in illustration, particularly in fashion art. Founded in 2012 to fill a gap in the fashion media market – which is saturated with prints featuring identical press images – DASH introduces a surprising visual experience by showcasing fashion art and not shying away from an unconventional approach, fresh and smart. The primary aim is to provide a unique aesthetic experience for visually aware and fashion conscious people in a print medium distributed worldwide. With many collaborators per issue, DASH pursues the social purpose of establishing a community of creation. Founded by Editor in Chief NoéMie Schwaller, edited by Harald Weiler and with Art & Graphic Direction by Friederike Hamann, the team DASH consists of award-winning fashion journalists and creatives. In line with our design philosophy, we present a marriage between information, individuality and unique aesthetics. DASH Magazine is distributed worldwide by Pineapple Media as well as during international fashion weeks with kind support from various PR agencies.



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Marques Almeida

Ethan James Green 



Kids model

I really liked the casting choice of this shoot as their small stature makes the garments look oversized and slightly unsettling, allowing for more interesting styling decisions. As well as this, their young age makes the image more interesting as children are not often placed in a fashion context. This was interesting to me as this is strange as they still wear clothes yet are somewhat excluded from the industry. As well as this I have always admired children's approaches to styling as I believe that when under a certain age there is less worry of what other people think or trying to be "cool" and so styling is more experimental, fun and expressive. I plan to carry this stylistic approach through to my project and be more fun and experimental with the ways that I dress my models in order to further explore the rebellion against the idea of following the it girl. It would also be interesting to contrast this fun approach to styling with a serious photographic approach. We could do this through using similar techniques to Green such as black and white and/or high grain. 



 male model cast

It became apparent to me that MA's casting choices are very consistent and they seem to often go for very editorial looking skinny female models with striking/unusual facial features. I thought it would be interesting to challenge this casting approach and the idea of the it girl that everyone should want to be like and so intend to cast people who do not conform to this idea yet put them in a high fashion context to create awkward, jarring and interesting imagery. 




make up

Issamaya Ffrench

This makeup linked with our idea of colouring books associated with childhood and how we wanted to explore colouring in tattoos/making tattoos out of colourful crayon in order to explore the freedom of expression you have when you are young which is lost at an age where pressure to be cool or fit in takes over. 





project 1

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i was thinking using zigso but this method is quite samer with what i did at sara kiani project.



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 magdiel lopez

Magdiel is an artist/creative director born in Cuba, living in Dallas, Texas. Through his 13+ year career, Magdiel has worked on, and lead projects ranging from brand identity to conceptual art and environmental design. He is currently on staff at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.


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Born in Osaka, in 1982, graduated from Kyoto Seika University.
Now based in Tokyo, as the designer/creative director of the creative project ‘BANZAI’ he is actively involved in a wide variety of expressive styles that cross over the boundaries between art and fashion, including creating art pieces, advertisements, art direction / creation of exhibition space for apparel brands, and graphic designs for corporations.


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